Friday, September 08, 2017

Wake up and Learn Big Data

Wake up and Learn BIG DATA:

I am going to start a tutorial series on big data for the SQL developers. This is the time you should learn big data and start improving your skills parallel to survive in current market scenario.

In this tutorial, I will be guide you through apache Hadoop installation, development and other big data technologies.

In current scenario, the companies are considering new technologies for their new solutions which will create new jobs so you need to consider these learnings for you profile improvement.

Course content:

1. What is big data:
2. Why Big Data is required.
3. Different big data technologies.
4. Back ground of apache Hadoop.
5. Prerequisite for installing Apache Hadoop.
6. Installing ubuntu with dual boot system.
7. Understanding basis architecture of Apache Hadoop.
8. Setting up machine for Hadoop.
9. Hadoop single node cluster installation.

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