Thursday, October 01, 2015

What are Dimension Translations? In what scenarios do you use them?

Translation in SSAS is a mechanism to support Localization, in which the labels, names, and captions associated with any SSAS Object (pretty much every SSAS Object supports Translations) are translated from one language to another language based on the country/language of the user accessing the data. A Dimension Translation is same as Translation in SSAS, but in this case the labels, names, and captions associated with Dimensions, Attributes, Hierarchies, and/or Dimension Members are translated from one language to another language.
Translations are very useful in achieving higher level of adoption of the BI/Analytics system (SSAS). This will eliminate the language barriers among users from different locations/languages and presents the same information in different languages making single version of truth available to users across different geographical locations.
Here are some of the highlights of Dimension Translations:
  • There can be multiple Translations associated with a single Dimension, Attribute, Hierarchy, and Dimension Member etc.
  • The collation and language settings/information from the client application/computer is used to determine and provide the analysis services metadata/data to the client application.  

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