Monday, February 23, 2015

What is difference between IF and Switch function in ssrs

The IIF function returns one of two values depending on whether the expression is true or false. The following expression uses the iif function to return a Boolean value of True if the value of Total exceeds 100. Otherwise it returns False:
=IIF(Fields!Total.Value > 100, TrueFalse)

Use multiple IIF functions (nested IIFs) to return one of three values depending on the value of PercentComplete. The following expression can be placed in the fill color of a text box to change the background color depending on the value in the text box. 
=IIF(Fields!PercentComplete.Value >= 10, "Green", IIF(Fields!PercentComplete.Value >= 1, "Blue""Red"))

A different way to get the same functionality uses the Switch function. The Switch function is useful when you have three or more conditions to test. The Switch function returns the value associated with the first expression in a series that evaluates to true: 
=Switch(Fields!PercentComplete.Value >= 10, "Green", Fields!PercentComplete.Value > 1, "Blue",Fields!PercentComplete.Value = 1, "Yellow", Fields!PercentComplete.Value <= 0, "Red",)

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