Saturday, January 03, 2015

How to implement group by in report?

To group data in a report

  1. Click the Design tab.
  2. If you do not see the Row Groups pane , right-click the design surface and click view and then click Grouping.
  3. From the Report Data pane, drag the Date field to the Row Groups pane. Place it above the row called (Details).
    Note that the row handle now has a bracket in it, to show a group. The table now also has two Date columns -- one on either side of a vertical dotted line.
  4. From the Report Data pane, drag the Order field to the Row Groups pane. Place it below Date and above (Details).
    Note that the row handle now has two brackets in it, to show two groups. The table now has two Order columns, too.
  5. Delete the original Date and Order columns to the right of the double line. This removes this individual record values so that only the group value is displayed. Select the column handles for the two columns, right-click and click Delete Columns.
    Select columns to delete
    You can format the column headers and date again.
  6. Switch to the Preview tab to preview the report. It should look similar to the following illustration:
    Table grouped by date and then order

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