Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SSRS Tutorial : Dynamically populating Report Parameter

In this Chapter, we will create an additional dataset to provide the available values for the Year report parameter. 1.       In the Report Data window, right-click the AdventureWorksDW2008R2 data source, and then select Add Dataset.
2.       In the Dataset Properties window, in the Name box, replace the text with dsYear.
3.       To import a query file, click Import.
4.       In the Import Query window, navigate to the Assets folder located in the Source folder for this lab, select the dsYear.sql file, and then click Open.
5.       Click OK.

Now we will configure the Year report parameter to prompt the user with available values sourced from the dsYear dataset.
1.       In the Report Data window, right-click the Year parameter, and then select Parameter Properties.
2.       In the Report Parameter Properties window, select the Available Values page.
3.       Select the Get Values From a Query option.
4.       Configure the query properties based on the following, and then click OK.

Value Field
Label Field

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