Sunday, June 29, 2014

SSRS Tuorial : Creating the Report Server Project

We will take adventure work as our sample database and create our project and reports based on it.
We will name our project as AdventureWorksData.

To add a new project to the solution, on the File menu, select Add | New Project.
In the Add New Project window, select Report Server Project.
In the Name box, replace the text with AdventureWorksData, and then click OK.
To save the solution, on the File menu, select Save All.

In this task, you will configure the TargetServerURL property as preparation for the deployment task later in this lab.

1.    In Solution Explorer, right-click the AdventureWorksData project, and then select Properties.

2.    In the AdventureWorksData Property Pages window, set the TargetServerURL property to http://<servername>/ReportServer, and then click OK.

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