Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SSIS Interview Questions :Execute DDL Task

The SQL Server Analysis Services Execute DDL Task is the Analysis Services equivalent of the Execute
SQL Task, but limited in scope to issuing Data Definition Language statements. The task simply
executes a DDL statement against an Analysis Services system. Typically, you would use DDL statements to create a cube, a dimension, or any other online analytical processing (OLAP) object.
To configure the task, go to the DDL tab and select the Connection Manager that you wish to
execute the DDL statement against in the Connection option. Then in the Source Type property, select whether the DDL statement will be directly inputted, pulled from a file, or pulled from a variable option.
Essentially the source type option determines whether you need to key in the DDL statement directly, provide a variable, or point to a file where the DDL statement is stored.

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