Thursday, April 10, 2014

T SQL Tutorial : Create Table Statement

SQL Server Create Table

As you read last chapter Designing Data Model for the Database for retail store data model we have finalized 4 tables for creating database.
Now in this chapter we will learn how to Create Alter or Drop table syntax with using the tables from retail model example.

 Create Table
Table object in the database are physical objects which holds the data in hard drive. Once created will remain in database until unless you won’t drop it.
There are three Major parts of a create table statement:

Create table TableName (Column1 Datatype, Coulmn2 Datatype ….)

Create Table TableName à This statement is the declaration statement in which it’s specified the object which will get created will be the type of table.
Column Name à Column name which you want in table.
Datatype à It’s datatype which we want to defined for the particular column.
For our example which we discussed in earlier chapters we will create the Customer, Product, Order and Order Detail.

Create table customer ( CustomerID int, Customer Name  Varchar(100),Customer Address Varchar(500),Gender Char(10))

Create Table Product (Product ID Int , Product Name varchar(100),Unit int , PricePerUnit Money)

Create Table Order(OrderID Int , OrderNo varchar(20),CustomerID Int)

You can define the other constraints also on table that you will learn in coming chapter.

In this way you can create table physically in the database which later can be populated with data.

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