Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Subscriptions in SSRS

Subscriptions allow you to put reports into the hands of your users based on a predefined schedule
or following an event, such as the update of data. Reporting Services supports two types of

Standard subscriptions render a report in a specific format with predefined parameter values and
deliver them to a single, preset location. This type of subscription meets the needs of many report
consumers, giving them sufficient freedom to determine how, when, and where they will view

Data-driven subscriptions support even more flexibility, and are better suited for managing delivery
of reports to a large number of users with varying needs. These subscriptions are established with
a reference to a custom relational table holding a record for each report recipient. Each record in
the table may specify rendering and delivery options as well as report parameter values. Through
data-driven subscriptions, a single subscription can be tailored to the specific needs of many
individual consumers.
By default, subscription delivery is limited to e-mail transmittal or file share drop-off. Additional
delivery options

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