Saturday, January 25, 2014

SSRS 2005 Vs 2008

SSRS 2005
SSRS 2008
Multiple service architecture (IIS Service &
Windows Service)
Single service architecture (Windows
Depends on IIS
Comes with Built-In Web Server and hence
does not depend on IIS
Complex deployment due to the need for
separate configuration for IIS
Deployment is simple due to inbuilt web
server and Reporting Services
Configuration Manager
Charts, Dials etc. had to be separately
installed and integrated
Comes packaged with Charts, Dials,
Indicators, Spark lines etc.
Limited exporting options
More exporting options including Microsoft
Word etc.
You can only format entire text in a
textbox with one single formatting style
Allows you to format pieces of text or
words or letters within a single textbox
with different formatting styles like bold,


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