Thursday, November 07, 2013

SSRS Interview Questions: Dataset

Data set is the record-set which works as the input for data region in SSRS report.You can visualize the data for a report data set as a set of rows and columns. There must be at least one column and zero or more rows.
A report data set can consist of the following types of data:

  1. A result set from a relational database
  2. A flattened row set from multidimensional data sources.
  3. A flattened result set from XML data sources that include XML elements, their attributes, and their child elements.
  4. A result set from any registered and configured .NET Framework data provider.
  5. Data from a report model that has been designed for a specific data source.

No Rows Message
When you want to specify text to show in the rendered report in place of a data region that has no data, set the NoRowsMessage property for a table, matrix, or list data region or the NoDataMessage for a chart data region. At run time, the report processor runs the query for each data set in a report and the dataset query may produce no result set. For a data region bound to an empty dataset, you can specify text to display instead of displaying an empty data region. You can also set the NoRowsMessage property for a subreport when no datasets in the subreport have data at run time.

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