Friday, November 08, 2013

SSRS Interview: Databases

Whenever we install a report server there are two databases which are part of this all suite and holds the information about metadata and object definations.
By default, the database names are reportserver and reportservertempdb, respectively.

Report Server Database

the data which it stores

  • Items managed by a report server (reports and linked reports, shared data sources, report models, folders, resources) and all of the properties and security settings that are associated with those items.
  • Subscription and schedule definitions.
  • Report snapshots (which include query results) and report history.
  • Symmetric keys and encrypted connection and credentials for report data sources.
  • System properties and system-level security settings.
  • Report execution log data.

Report Server Temporary Database 
Temporary database is use to store session and execution data, cached reports, and work tables that are generated by the report server. Background server processes will periodically remove older and unused items from the tables in the temporary database.

To read more check out the Microsoft link.

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