Saturday, November 23, 2013

SSIS Interview : Config Files

Config file in Sql Server Integration Service is used to provide inputs to connection manager different properties which package use to assign values at run time dynamically.
Using config file user need to make changes to the config file which package will take automatically at run time because of using it you don't need to every time made changes in package in case you are deploying package on multiple servers or locations.
There are multiple ways in which configuration values can be store.

XML configuration file
Store the configuration as an XML file. .
Environment variable
Store the configuration in one of the environment variables.
Registry entry
Store the configuration in the registry.
Parent package variable
Store the configuration as a variable in the package that contains the task.
SQL Server
Store the configuration in a table in SQL Server.

Here are the steps to enable the config file for package.
On the SSIS package, right click and select Package Configurations.
In the Package Configuration Organizer dialog box, select Enable package configurations, and then click Add.

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