Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SSRS Interview Questions: SSRS Subscription

Report subscription is the request which delivers report at some specific time or response to an event in a format which you specify in subscription.
Subscription is an alternative to run report on demand. Subscription can be used to schedule and automate the delivery of a report.

By using subscription you can deploy the report to a shared folder or to an email address.

Subscription is of two types:
Standard :Standard subscriptions are created and managed by individual users. A standard subscription consists of static values that cannot be varied during subscription processing. For each standard subscription, there is exactly one set of report presentation options, delivery options, and report parameters.
Data driven : Get subscription information at run time by querying an external data source that provides values used to specify a recipient, report parameters, or application format. You might use data-driven subscriptions if you have a very large recipient list or if you want to vary report output for each recipient. 

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