Saturday, August 10, 2013

SSRS Interview Questions: SSRS Cascaded Parameters

SSRS reports supports parameter cascading. Cascaded parameters are the parameter which are inter dependent. Let say there is a sales report which business want to filter at country level , state level and then district Level. In this case country level is the parameter which will load by default from database and then state level parameter will load based on country input. same logic will work for district when state level parameter will be selected then  only district parameter values will populate. This dependency of parameters s called cascading.
This help and restricts the report user to enter valid parameter so the output can be generated accurately.
Let say user want the result of xyz district in report and there are multiple XYZ district across the world. you have a parameter district which populated by default all start of report after selecting the district will the output is for same district you are looking for ? no the output will take all district and it wont be the desired output. To avoid these kind of scenarios you should implement cascaded parameter.
How to achieve it:
step 1: Create highest hierarchy parameter.
step 2: you above parameter as filter for next parameter query.
step 3: repeat same for next levels.

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