Friday, January 27, 2012

Analytics Function in SQL Server 2012

Analytics quite a buzzword these days in the market. There are few tools in market which do analytics such as SAS, SPSS, R language.
My expertise is in SQL Server and trying to relate analytics with SQL Server and many times end up in comparing SAS and SQL Server.Dig out SQL Server for handling analytics. Got some functions which were introduced in SQL Server 2010.

Lead, Lag, Cumulative Percentage and many other such functions. Still can’t see the other algorithms such as logistic regression, linear regression as a part of SQL Server data base engine.
These all are the part of SQL Server Analysis Services data mining activities. In SSAS data mining you can implement most of the common analytics algorithm to validate the data.

This was just an Introduction and the flavour of my focus for next posts and my development area in the SQL Server. I am looking for competition that SQL Server can give to analytics tools likes SAS. How SSAS can be improved to incorporate those changes.

Stay connected will so many more ways to do analytics reporting in SQL Server.

Below is the Link for Analytics newly introduced function in sql server.
Analytics functions

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