Monday, November 14, 2011

What is SQL Server Database?

There are different types of database available in the market which is developed by different companies such as oracle, Microsoft, IBM etc.
Database designed by Microsoft is known as SQL Server Database.  SQL Server Database server incudes
1.      Database Engine.
2.      Reporting Server
3.      Integration Server
4.      Analysis Server.
Microsoft has launched the different versions of SQL Server in last few years. SQL Server database is currently one of the most leading databases available in the market. By providing the facilities of the reporting and ETL. It’s a now like a complete package for the database which incorporates transactional and analytical feature.
SQL Server Usage Sql server is a good integration with .Net technology as both are from Microsoft. Generally most application use sql server as the database. Microsoft has also developed the other compatibility plugins to get SQL Server database with other applications also.
SQL Server is getting widely famous among the user because its cost effective.

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