Monday, November 28, 2011

What is SQL Server Analysis Service: Chapter 1 (Data warehouse and OLAP?)

In OLTP systems, as the time passes the data increases in the OLTP database. Reports which need to be fetched works on same to database where the live transactions are running. I.e. this database is live database interacting with application need good performance.
For the users who fetch the huge reports frequently basis from the OLTP database can face the performance issues. To maintain the report performance more indexes required on the database result in degrade of transaction performance.
To deal with these issues you can create the data warehouse which can be updated timely fashion. The user which needs the reports can fetch the reports from this data warehouse.

Technology used to create the data warehouse is called OLAP. Using the OLAP you can do various analytics calculations which are not possible through general reports.
Data warehouse is the database which has the de normalizes form of transactional database which is used to create different analytical reports and can be updated at timely fashion.
OLAP is the mechanism used for data warehouse.

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