Monday, May 09, 2011

Interview Questions Trend and Segregation

Currently Many blogs or websites are available for SQL Interview Questions and Answers but when you check , these are not properly segregated. These are the mixture of every type of questions like if you are looking for SQL Developers Questions it will also show you DBA questions SSRS question which confuses the readers.
Same like if you want SSRS questions it will include database questions and SSAS questions.
I have properly segregated these questions means SSRS, SSIS questions are separate and SQL Developer and DBA questions are separate.
You can read these questions on clicking on content also which will give you combine reading of the group.

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  1. A very good site for SQL server interview questions organised by topic. If you feel you need to brush up interview questions related to specific topics, this website will be of great use. God bless the person who has contributed to this site. Very useful.