Sunday, February 06, 2011

SSIS Interview Questions and Answers : Series 3

Question: How to create the deployment utility?
Answer: Deployment utility can be created by right click on solution explorer setting create deployment utility to true.
Question: How to deploy the packages SSIS?
Answer: When you build the package by clicking on Solution explorer it creates the “ package.dtsx” file.
If you are creating deployment utilities for deploying the packages it will create a manifest file. This manifest file will be the deployment utility. Clicking on it you will get option of deploying on database or deploying on some location (create the package file).
Question: Where a package does deploys in Integration service database?
Answer: In integration services database MSDB database hold entire packages deployed at database.
Question: How to implement Transaction in SSIS package?
Answer: SSIS provides the facility of transaction to maintain data integrity. To implement transaction there are three options.
You can find out these options in properties. The options are.
Supported, Required and not supported.
Required: If the properties set to require than container or task will start the transaction or if it’s already started it will join the transaction.
Supported: If it’s supported then it will be the part of the transaction.
Not supported: if it’s not supported then it will neither initiates or nor be part of transactions.
Question: What are the checkpoints in SQL Server?
Answer: In SSIS by using checkpoints package can restarted from the point of failure. It avoids all the containers or the part of package which are executed successfully to re execute.