Sunday, February 06, 2011

SSIS interview Questions and Answers : Series 1

Question: What is SSIS package?
Answer: SSIS package is an entity which performs ETL task in SSIS. Extract the data transform it create flow and load it in destination.

Question: What is the control flow Task?
Answer: Control flow task has the different elements which are ordered and structured to perform a tasks or business logic. I.e. control flow can be termed as workflow for a business logic or task.
In a package control flow contains at least one element.

Question: What is Data flow Task?
Answer: Data flow task is used to perform ETL operation in a package. In this you retrieve the data from source and transform and then need to provide it to destination.
Data flow task is the one of the element of control flow task.

 Question: Difference between Dataflow Task and Control Flow Task?
Answer: Data flow task are the part of control flow. Data flow can’t exist without control flow but control flow can exist without data flow in a package.

 Question: What are the other part tabs of package design window?
Answer: Other parts of package design window are event handler, package explorer.