Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interview Questions and Answers for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) : Series 5

Question: What are the drilldown reports? Give one example.
Answer:   Drill down reports is the reports which can collapse or expand as per requirement i.e. information can be drilled down in to minor level information if required. For example when you group by the data at particular group. At the group level you can get the sum or any other information which you want to see. When you expand it you will get the row level data. For drill down there will be + sign on the row through which you can drill.
Question: What are sub reports and how to create them?
Answer:   Sub reports are the reports which can be called in main report and can be generate through main report.
Parameters can be passed from main report to sub report and basis of that report can be generated.
Question: What is the report model project?
Answer:   Report model project is for creating Adhoc reporting. You can create the adhoc reports through report builder. Report model project can be created on bids or report server. This model can have simple view. And using
Question: What is report server project?
Answer:   Report Server Project contains the RDL file and it need to be deployed on report server to view the report files to application and user. It a solution where we design our reports. You can add it by going into BIDS clicking on new item and then selecting reports server project. Once the solution is created you can start creating reports.
Question: What is the report builder?
Answer:   Report builder is used to create small reports and it a define interface. You can’t change the report interface in report builder it pre designed. You can just drag columns in the report. Report builder creates reports on database objects available with report model project.


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  3. A report model project is a container for the model and consists of one or more data source (.ds) files, one or more data source view (.dsv) files, and one or more report model (.smdl) files. Only one data source and data source view can be referenced in a report model (.smdl) file. Report Model Designer can generate report models from SQL Server and Oracle databases.