Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interview Questions and Answers for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) : Series 2

Question: Explain SSRS 2005 architecture?
Answer:    SSRS 2005 architecture
1.      Report Designer
2.      Report Builder
3.      Report manager
4.      Report server
5.      Report Server database
6.      Report Sources
Question: What is the report rendering?
Answer:   Report rendering is to call the report from server to application. Report rendering can be possible through different ways.
Question: What are the different types of report rendering methods?
There two methods through which we can render the report.
1.      URL Method
2.      SOAP Method
Question: What is the report server?
Answer:   Report server is the server where we deploy the report. I.e. it’s a holding place for reports. Applications access report server to view the report.

Question: What are the different folders on report server?
Answer:   There are two folders which exist on report server.
1.            Report Server: Report server contains the xml code of rdl.
2.            Report: Report folder stores the actual RDL file and which can be run by clicking on it on server.