Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interview Questions and Answers for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) : Series 4

Question: What is report subscription?
Answer:  Report subscription is to schedule the resource on particular time and to send a mailer to particular users. You can find this functionality on report server for each report.
Question: What is the RDL file?
Answer:   RDL File stands for report definition language. It contains the report definition which located on report server. It contains the report layout and data source and datasets.
Question: What are the Matrix reports and what are their uses?
Answer:   Matrix reports are the reports which used to generate data dynamically i.e. table structure is not static and it can be changed at run time.
Question: How to pass cascaded parameters in report?
Answer:   Cascaded parameters are the parameters which are depended on other parameters. These parameters can be created in parameter section in upper window while creating the report.
Question: How to implement group by in report?
Answer:   Group by can be implemented by adding a group on row in table data part. Adding group will two group rows for this row on above and below of this particular row. Below row can be used for subtotal of this group which is specified in above row. By repeating the same operation on group row can created a group on group.

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