Saturday, December 25, 2010

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers : Series 8

Question: What is NO COUNT used for?
Answer: It’s used to check whether the sql statement executed successfully or not. When no count is on than this message will not return and while it off then sql server returns the message.
Question: What is SET ANSI NULL ON used for?
Answer: It specifies the null values for sql 92 determines the null value for true or false statements.
Question: What is ARITHABORT used for?
It stops executing the query while there is an over flow or divide by zero error.
Question: What is SET ROW COUNT used for?
Answers: Set row count stop processing the query after the specified no of rows. You can limit update up to a specified no.
Question: What is SET ANSI padding?
Answer: It controls the way columns stores the value which are shorter than the defined size of the columns.
Question: What is SET ANSI WARNING on?
Answer: When on it displays the warning if there Is any null value for operations such as group by, order by max etc. and also if there is an arithmetic over flow. When off its displays no warning and also truncates the data to fit in the size of the column.
Question: What is SET NO EXEC?
Answer: Compiles query but doesn’t executes it.


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