Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sql Server Interview Questions and Answers : Series 2

Question: What are the different types of data types in SQL Server?

Answer: There are different types of data types used in SQL Server

1.  Int

2.  Small int

3.  Big int

4.  Tiny int

5.  Float

6.  Double

7.  Decimal

8.  Money

9.  Char





14.Varbinary max

15.Small date time

16.Date time



19.Sql variant



22.Unique identifier

23.Nvarchar max



Question: What is the use of different types of integer data types?

Answer: Tiny int, SmallInt, Int and Bigint are the different types of integer data types. The difference is for size range.


Question: What is times stamp data type is SQL Server?
Answer: Timestamp is the column in database for which counter increments when there is insert or update in table. This time is a relative time in database which in not real with clock time. Every time when there is a modification in row timestamp values updates with new timestamp of that database.

This column considered as poor candidate for primary key index or any kind of key as it’s not stable.

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