Thursday, November 25, 2010

Download SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers related to TSQL\PSQL or SQL Fresher’s 0-1 year

Again with one more post for interview questions for freshers. I am currently just giving the few more questions to memorize.
Again these are few basic questions for writing simple queries. These questions will around simple TSQL syntaxes and mechanics to work across the data table.

Download SQL Server Interview questions related to TSQL\PSQL or SQL Fresher’s 0-1 year
TSOL, PL SQL are the methods of writing the queries when you write queries in SQL server it called as TSQL and when you write it in oracle it’s called PLSQL.

·         What is select command?
·         What are the Joins?
·         Different types of Join?
·         What is self-join? Explain with example?
·         What are the sub queries?
·         What nested queries?
·         What is View?
·         What is definition of index?
·         Different types of index?
·         What stored procedure?
·         What is user defined functions?
·         What is the Group By in SQL Server 2005?
·         What are the aggregates functions?
·         What is having clause?
·         What is the use of TOP Operator?
·         What is Count Operator?           

These all questions will be there in my PDF document in my next posts. I am going to give some tips to fresher’s to prepare interview with few technical articles.

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