Thursday, November 25, 2010

Down Load SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher’s 0-1 Years

Fresher’s is the word which could some time give you gain and can also give pain sometime while searching the job.

Mostly when people interviews a fresher they expect the basic knowledge but still there is confusion in the definition of basics. It depends on which sort of fresher’s you are whether you cleared your exams by last day’s studies (Pain in Interview) or you were a book worm or you were a conceptual guy (Gain in Interview). Majority students feels pain boss who will study that much in Degree CollegeJ.
Basically all interviewers expect from the fresher basic understanding about the subject if they have properly studied in there degree.

Below is the list of few sample questions which interviewers expect from your database management system knowledge.

Basic Question Related to Data base.
·         What is Database management System?
·         What is Relational Database?
·         What are the Data models?
·         What are the Different types of Data Models?
·         What are the Database diagrams?
·         What is the Database designing?
·         What are the Tables in data base?
·         What is normalization?
·         What is the de normalization?
·         What are the different forms of normalization?

Tables Related Questions

·         What is the primary Key?
·         What is foreign Key?
·         What is the composite Key?
·         What is null key?
·         What is a constraint?
·         What is Identity?
·         What are the data types in SQL Server?

Soon I will be uploading the PDF document which will have list of questions especially for fresher’s. So it can be downloaded for easy access.

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