T SQL Tutorial

  Basic T SQL                     

·                     Creating Databases
·                     Creating Tables
·                     Inserting data in TABLES
·                     Updating data in TABLES 
·                     Deleting Data from TABLES.
·                     Querying Data in TABLES
·                     Aggregate Columns
·                     Filtering Conditions
·                     JOIN
·                     Grouping DATA 
·                     HAVING

·                     Views in TSQL
·                     Function, 
·                     Stored Procedures
·                     Triggers
·                     Cursors
·                     Transactions
·                     Index
·                     SQL Profiler

Performance Tuning T SQL         
·                     Database Design Performance Tips,
·                     Index Performance Tuning Tips
·                     Select Performance tuning Tips 

Database Basics

·                     General introduction to database systems; 
·                     Approaches to building a database, 
·                     Data models, Database management system, 
·                     Three-schema architecture of a database, 
·                     Challenges in building a DBMS, 
·                     Various components of a DBMS. 
E/R Model 

·                     Conceptual data modeling, 
·                     Entities, Entity types, 
·                     Various types of attributes, 
·                     Relationships, Relationship types, 
·                     E/R diagram notation, 
·                     Examples. 
Relational Data Model 

·                     Concept of relations, 
·                     Schema-instance distinction, 
·                     Keys, referential integrity and foreign keys, 
Relational algebra operators

·                     Selection, Projection, 
·                     Cross product, 
·                     Various types of joins, Division, 
·                     Example queries, 
·                     2) Tuple relation calculus, 
·                     3) Domain relational calculus, 
·                     4) Converting the database specification in E/R notation to the relational schema. 
Dependencies and Normal forms

·                     Importance of a good schema design, 
·                     Problems encountered with bad schema designs, 
·                     Motivation for normal forms, dependency theory - functional dependencies, 
·                     Armstrong's axioms for FD's, 
·                     Closure of a set of FD's, 
·                     Minimal covers, 
·                     Definitions of 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF, 
·                     Decompositions and desirable properties of them, 
·                     Algorithms for 3NF and BCNF normalization, 
·                     Multi-valued dependencies and 4NF, 
·                     Join dependencies and definition of 5NF. 
Data Storage and Indexes 
·                     File organizations, Primary, 
·                     Secondary index structures, 
·                     Various index structures - hash-based, 
·                     Dynamic hashing techniques, 
·                     Multi-level indexes, 
·                     B+ trees. 

Transaction processing and Error recovery
·                     Concepts of transaction processing, 
·                     ACID properties, 
·                     Concurrency control, 
·                     Locking based protocols for CC, 
·                     Error recovery and logging, 
·                     Undo, Redo, Undo-redo logging and recovery methods

TSQL Tutorials Different Topics – 

Update Table

Union Operator

Union All Operator

Understanding database structure tables and relations.

MIN Function

Creating simple Data model for designing database.

SUM Function

Create Table

COUNT Function

Drop Table


Like Operator

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