SSRS Interview Questions


Question: What are the drilldown reports? Give one example.

Question: What is toggling in SSRS?

Question: What is drill through report?

Question: What is linked report?

Question: What are sub reports and how to create them?

Question: What is the chart in report?


Question: What is SQL Server Reporting Services?

Question: Explain SSRS 2005 architecture?


Question: How to add your first report in project?

Question: What are the different parts of report file in design mode?

Question: What is report designer?

Question: Which language Report files made of?

Question: What is Data Set in report?

Question: What are the different types of data sources in SSRS?

Question: What are the different types of possible reports?

Question: What is the extension for report file?

Question: What are the shared data sources in SSRS?

Question: What is the RDL file?

Question: Whatare the Matrix reports and what are their uses?

Question: What are the different ways to integrate reports in custom application?

Question: How do you sort detail data in a report?

How will you design the report where rows as well as the columns are not fixed?

What are different roles available in SSRS 2008, and

what are their purposes?

What are rendering formats affected by the Page Size attributein SSRS?

What is encryption key ?

Can we use a stored procedure as data source to an SSRS report?


Question: How to create report server project?

Question: What are different types of project types available in bids?

Question: What is the default location SSRS project in hard drive?

Question: How to enable the project window if it’s not appearing by default?


Question: What are the different ways to deploy the Report?

Question: How to deploy multiple Reports on a report server?

Question: What is RS.exe utility?


Question: What is reporting service Engine?

Question: What are different databases in SQL Server?

Question: What is the use of different databases?

Question: Where we can find metadata of Reporting service?

Question: What is report server temp database?


Question: What is the report server?
Question: What is Report Manager on report server?

Question: What is report server project?

Question: What is report subscription?

Question: How to manage subscription?

Question: How to handle security on reportserver?

Question: What is report server configuration?

Question: What are the types of report authentication?


Question: What is difference between IIF and Switch Function?

Question: If you need to color a cell which depends on value such as red for negative and green for positive, how would you do that?

Question: How to remove Null values in Cell with some default value?

Question: How would you hide empty row in SSRS?

Question: Name few of the functions you have used in expressions (String and date or math functions etc.)

Question: Which function would you use to add a new column that will generate sequence number for your all of your records?

Question: Let’s say we are in a situation where we need to write a special function that is not available in SSRS, how would you accomplish that and which language would you use to use it in your SSRS report?


Question: What is the web service used for reporting services?

Question: What is the name of reporting services config file and what’s it’s used for

RSReportServer.config and used for changing configuration.


Question: What is the reportrendering?

Question: What are the differenttypes of report rendering methods?

Question: What is URL Methods of rendering?

Question: How to disable report export type in SSRS?


Question: What is the report model project?

Question: What is the report builder?

Question: In which SQL Server version report builder introduced?

Question: How to create ADHOC reports using report builder?

Question:What is a Report Model?

A Report Model is a metadata description of a data source and its relationships.


Question: What are the different versions available in SQL Server?

Question: What are the new features available in SSRS 2005 compare to SSRS2000?

Question: What are the new features available in SSRS2008 vs. SSRS 2005?

What are the three SSRS command-line utilities and their primary functions?

What are the limitations in SSRS on SQL Server express edition?

What types of images can you incorporate in reports?

What are the new features are introduced in SQL Server 2012 reporting services?

What are the components of SSRS?

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  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to collect userID as parameter to certain function as soon as user successfully logged into Reporting Services? From where can we collect such information?

    I would like to setup certain rule so the user could only viewing certain reports with specific parameters. I am fully aware that we can do smiliar things in project(data sets->filter-functions Built-in Filter) but this approach is not effective at all in my situation.

    Thanks in advance for quick reply

    1. I think you can do it using URL method where you can send parameter or also you can check which user is logging in sql server report server.

  2. very good collection of interview questions.....