SSAS Interview Questions

SSAS Data warehousing Concept Based Questions

What are the types of database schema?
What is star, snowflake and star flake schema?
What is SCD (slowly changing dimension)?

SSAS Cube Based Questions

Have you ever worked on performance tuning, if yes what are the steps involved in it?
Explain the flow of creating a cube?
Steps to create a cube in SSAS?
What is a data source or DS?
What is data source view or DSV?
How to create a data source.
How create a data source view (DSV).
Create Dimensions
Create a cube.
Deploy and Process the cube.
What is named query?
How will you add a new column to an existing table in data source view?
How will you hide an attribute?
How will you make an attribute not process?
What is use of IsAggregatable property?
What are key, name and value columns of an attribute?
What is hierarchy, what are its types and difference between them?
What is Attribute hierarchy?
What is use of AttributeHierarchyDisplayFolder property ?
What is use of AttributeHierarchyEnabled?
What is use of AttributeHierarchyOptimizedState?
What is use of AttributeHierarchyOrdered ?
What is the use of AttributeHierarchyVisible ?
What are types of storage modes?
What are Translations and its use?
What is Database dimension?
What is Cube dimension?
Difference between Database dimension and Cube dimension?
How will you add a dimension to cube?
How many types of relations are there between dimension and measure group?
What is regular type, no relation type, fact type, referenced type, many-to-many type with example?
What are calculated members and what is its use?
What are KPIs and what is its use?
What are actions, how many types of actions are there, explain with example?
What is partition, how will you implement it?
What is the minimum and maximum number of partitions required for a measure group?
What are Aggregations and its use?
What is perspective, have you ever created perspective?
What is deploy, process and build?
What is the maximum size of a dimension?
The maximum size of the dimension is 4 gb.
What are the types of processing and explain each?
What is AMO?
After creating the cube, if we added a new column to the OLTP table then how you add this new attribute to the cube?
What are Dimension Translations? In what scenarios do you use them?
What are KeyColumns and NameColumn properties of an Attribute? What is the different between them?
Current Role Related Questions

What is the size of the Cube in your last Project?
What is size of the database in your last Project?
What is size of the fact(Transaction) table in your last Project?
How you provide security to cube?
How you move the cube from one server to another?
What is the toughest challenge you face in your Project?
How you created Partitions of the cube in your Last Project?
How many dimensions in your last cube?
How many measure groups in your last cube?
What is the Schema of your last cube?
Why not STAR Schema ?
What are the different relationships that you are used in your cube?
Have you created the KPI’s , If then Explain?
How you define Aggregations in your Project?
Size of SSAS team in your last Project?
How many Resources worked on same Cube in your Project?
How much time it take to Process the Cube?
How many Calculation you done in Your Project?
How frequently you process the cube?
How frequently you get DATA from clients?
What type of Processing Options you used to process the cube in your Project?

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