Monday, February 15, 2021

Azure Data Factory Interview Questions and Answers

Azure Data Factory is Orchestration tool for data transfer pipelines on Azure portal. These pipelines ae having multiple components and having understanding of each component is quite important to for showcasing the knowledge of azure data factory.


Below are the list of questions which are must know to test the one's knowledge to test the azure data factory understanding.

These can help interviewers and interviewee both to understand the tool functionality.
  1. What are different component or Activities you have used in azure data factory.
  2. Explain difference between the Dataset and Linked Service in Data Factory?
  3. What is Integration Runtime in Azure data factory?
  4. What are the different Integration runtime in Azure Data Factory?
  5. How do the if activity in Azure data factory works. Explain with example?
  6. What if For Each Activity and when to use For Each Activity?
  7. Have you used Lookup Activity in Azure Data Factory?
  8. What is linked Services and How to create one.
  9. What are datasets in Azure Data Factory. Please Explain?
  10. How to declare parameter in Azure Data Factory
  11. How to schedule a Pipeline in Azure Data factory?
  12. What is SSIS integration run time ? How to configure it.
  13. Have you used azure custom activity and what are it uses?
  14. How to handle fault tolerance in Azure Data Factory?
  15. How to make pipeline parameters dynamically?

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