Monday, August 15, 2016

What are the limitations in SSRS on SQL Server express edition?

Microsoft offers reporting services free as part of SQL Server Express with Advance Services edition. But it has the following limitations:

Management Studio cannot be used to administer report server
Report Models will not be available
Report Builder is not available
Caching, History and Delivery of Report is not available.
SQL Server agent is not available
No scheduling is possible
Remote server database is not available for Report Data Source (Local SQL Server is a only option,)
We cannot store the report server database on a remote server (it has to be local only)
Reports can be rendered only in Excel, PDF, Image formats only
Reporting Services will not be able to use more than 1 GB of RAM
No Subscriptions (Standard and Data Driven) can be made
Can not be integrated with Share Point
Can not implement Role based security
Only named instances is supported
Scale-out Report Servers will not be available

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