Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to calculate YTD monthly average and compare it over several years for the same selected month?

MDX Query:
WITH MEMBER Measures.MyYTD AS SUM(YTD([Date].[Calendar]),[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount])
MEMBER Measures.MyMonthCount AS SUM(YTD([Date].[Calendar]),(COUNT([Date].[Month of Year])))
MEMBER Measures.MyYTDAVG AS Measures.MyYTD / Measures.MyMonthCount
SELECT {Measures.MyYTD, Measures.MyMonthCount,[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount],Measures.MyYTDAVG} On 0,
[Date].[Calendar].[Month] On 1
FROM [Adventure Works]
WHERE ([Date].[Month of Year].&[7])

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