Thursday, November 06, 2014

Description of Error in SSIS

I have come across a open source data flow component which we can add in data flow transformation Tool Box .SSIS inherently does not provide column name which caused the error.
All we just need to do is drag and drop this component in data flow task and map all the information that need to capture like  column name,error description and many more things.
The steps that need to follow are as follows:
1.Go to above link , click download link ,extract files and run the install.bat file which will install the component in GAC.
2. Go to Your SSIS package and Open your Data Flow Task and Go To ToolBox.
3.Right click the mouse in Data Flow Transformation section and choose Items which Will Open up Window then select SSIS data flow items TAB.You can see the list of component available and checked.Scroll down and find Error description  and mark it checked and click the OK button.
4.Now Error Description will appear in toolbox ,just drag and drop it.Now map the error mapping path  of source to Error description.You also need to select name of columns describing error ,which you want to log in destination.
Please let me know if you have any issue in implementing this.

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