Thursday, April 03, 2014

Integrating Reports into Custom Application

There are ways to access the report in custom application.

URL Method

Reporting Services’ primary means of accessing reports is through HTTP requests. These requests can be made through URLs in a web browser or a custom application. By passing parameters in the URL, you can specify the report item, set the output format, and perform various other tasks. In the next few sections, you will look at the features available through URL requests, URL syntax, passing parameters, and setting the output format.


There are multiple ways to do it through program.
  1. An HTTP form via GET or POST to the Report Server URL.
  2. Replace web page content with a report by using SOAP Web Service rendering to write binary content to the web Http Response object.
  3. Use SOAP Web Service rendering to write report content to a fi le.
  4. Embed a report in an area of a web page by setting the source of an HTML frame or an IFrame tag.
  5. Use the Microsoft ReportViewer control in a Windows Forms or Web Forms .NET application.
  6. Use the Microsoft ReportViewer control in a WPF application by wrapping it inside a WindowsFormsHost.

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