Thursday, August 08, 2013

SSIS interview Questions : SSIS Transaction Options

In SSIS there are three options which SSIS package has for transaction


if container transaction property is set to required then container start (if not already started by parent container or package) or joins existing transaction( which is started by parent)


 if container transaction property is set to supported then container can be the part of all ready running transactions but won’t start it new one in any case. Let say if for a execute sql task if transaction property is set to supported then if there is any other transaction already there then it will join it and will roll back in case of any failure in any part of that parent transaction while if there is no parent transactions it will implement the changes in database even if any other task shows error in same package.

Not Supported

 indicates that the container does not start a transaction or join an existing transaction. A transaction started by a parent container does not affect child containers that have been configured to not support transactions.

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