Saturday, August 10, 2013

SSRS Interview Questions: Drill Down Reports in SSRS

Drill down reports are report where you display summary data initially and can later drilling on show you granular level data. This functionality can be achieved by toggling the details at group level.
For example let say there is report in which sales data is grouped at country,state and district level. When management want to see the report they will see it at country level and if they finds the in particular county the figures are not appropriate. They can then go ahead and check data at stae level and if required then on district level . So in-spite of showing all data at start using drill down report we are showing summary data by toggling data at country level group. When required it can be expanded.
+  is the operator for toggling purpose.
For a table or matrix, you can show or hide static rows and columns, or rows and columns that are associated with groups.

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