Sunday, September 16, 2012

Deploying SSIS Package

For Deploying SSIS package Deployment utilities need to be created. For creating deployment utilities
1.      Go to solution explorer.
2.      Right click on SSIS project.
3.      Open properties window.
4.      Set create deployment utility to true.
5.      Right click on project and click deploy the project.
This process will create the manifest utility in Bin folder of SSIS project at the location where project is save.
This manifest utility is wizard base deployment utility which asked for both SQL Server Deployment and Flat file Deployment.
SQL Server Deployment: in this mechanism package gets deployed in Integration Services server in SQL Server.
In this package deploy in MSDB database in integration services server. This MSDB database all the deployed package on particular instance of SQL Server. You can run package directly right clicking on it from MSDB database or can schedule a database Job also.
File system deployment: In the file system deployment package deploys at particular location on hard drive which can be later run by double clicking on it or using SQL Server database job.

Below Video will tell the process to deploy SSIS package.


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