Thursday, November 03, 2011

What is SQL

When I was in engineering I heard the word SQL in my curriculum. Every engineers or people who have done any computer course or have done some sort of computer programming may have heard the word SQL or have tried to learn the SQL.
The first question comes in mind what is SQL or the full form of SQL. Till a long time even I was not aware about the correct abbreviation.  If some asks me about the full form of SQL I use to confuse between Sequential Query Language and Structured Query Language. Finally I googled and came to know the correct full form of
 SQL is Structured Query Language.
Now the Question comes:  What is SQL?
SQL stands for structured query language, i.e.  SQL is a programming language to deal with the database operations. It’s a set of rules which were defined by ANSI to deal with database related operations queries. In other words the ASNI has provided the basic programming Language for database operations.

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