Sunday, February 06, 2011

SSIS interview Questions and Answers : Series 2

Question: What is event handler Tab in Design window?
Answer: In event handlers table error handling of package can be done. It has different functions which executes when there any event occurs in package such as task failed, task execution and successfully completed etc.
Question: Difference between the data type DT_STR and DT_WSTR
Answer: When data is in Unicode the SSIS package takes the data type as DT_WSTR and when data is ANSI code then it takes DT_STR.
Question: What is the connection manager in SSIS package?
Answer: Connection manager is the connection string to the data source (from where data need to extract) and destination (to load the data).
Question: Explain the Lookup Transformation?
Answer: Lookup transformation is used to lookup the input column in the lookup record set for getting the related data from the tables.
Question: What is annotation in SSIS Package?
Answer: You can add text in the package body using annotation. Pointing the pointer in body of package and clicking on properties you will get there add annotation