Sunday, February 27, 2011

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers : Series 11

Question: Can we insert null value in primary column?
Answer: Nopes we can’t insert null values in primary column.
Question: Can we create clustered index on null value column?
Answer: Yes we can create clustered index on null value column but it’s not recommended.
Question: What are the different types of transaction errors?
  1. Dirty Ready
  2. Non Repeatable  Reads
  3. Phantom reads
Question: What are the table hint and how we can provide it on table?
Answer: Table hints are the hints which can be provided in the query to force locking or index etc. which you want to sql server to run when it executes at
Question: What is No lock?                                                                            
Answer: When No lock hint is provided on the table data can be read even table is used in other transaction. Applying no lock your queries will not acquires shared locks on table.


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