Saturday, December 18, 2010

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers : Series 3

Question: What is select statement in TSQL?
Answer: It’s an elementary question but the beginners can go through face this kind of questions i.e. fresher’s having no experience.
Select statement is the first keyword in any query. It used to retrieve the one or more columns from different tables. Basic syntax of a query select column name from table.
Question: What is the Join in SQL Server? What are the different types of join?
Answer: Joins are used to merge the data between two tables according to the different scenario. There are different types of join. You can read out in detail in my one of the earlier posts.

Question: What is the view in SQL server?
Answer: View is object created with the combination of different table and it contains the columns which are required. This is a de normalized representation of database. It doesn’t contain the data physically.

Question: What is the basic different in joins in SQL Server 2000 and 2005?

Answer: In SQL Server the tales are joined by using join key word but earlier it was a symbolic joining. Check below example.
In 2005 it was like: Select A1.Name, B1.Address from A inner join B on A.EID=B.EID
In 2000 it was like: Select A1.Name, B1.Address from A, B where A.EID=B.EID

Question: Explain Where Clause?

Answer: Where Clause is used to provide filter condition in a query i.e. to segregate the records on the basis of filter criteria.


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